Tim Seeberg

Two Rivers Convention Center & Avalon Theatre

"Every minute of the day our solar panels are saving us money on our electrical bill.  What a terrific long-term cost savings investment!"





David and Mandy Vindiola, Gwen DeCino, owners
MVM Mortgage Group

The new MVM Mortgage Group “GREEN” office was a complete renovation.  It boasts new double-low-e windows, new energy efficient lighting, no VOC paint, cork flooring and corn-sugar carpet.  

“In keeping with our focus on the environment and our Energy Efficient Mortgage program, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to make our office energy efficient and less toxic for our employees”, says Mandy Vindiola, Principal and an Owner of MVM Mortgage Group

MVM Mortgage Group is a mortgage broker and offers loans for refinances, purchases, first time home buyers, construction loans, energy efficient mortgages, investor loans and unique properties.  


James Jonely, General Manager

ALSCO - American Linen Division

Alsco has been operating in Grand Junction, Co. since 1958. We have a large facility here locally and we employee over 100 employees’. Here recently One Source Lighting contacted us for the purpose of upgrading our lighting system which initially we thought was fine. WOW what difference lighting can make, surprisingly we had been in the dark all this time. This new technology is expected to almost reduce our monthly expense by 50% while also providing us with better and brighter lighting. In todays economy this is a great way to cut costs while also making an environmental impact. Thank you Matt Thesing and Shayla Kraft at One Source Lighting, You have Brightened our World !!!!



Dave Beck, General Manager
MBC Grand

We really appreciate the help and work Matt and his crew at Once Source Lighting did for our group of radio stations.  One Source Lighting notonly lowered our monthly utility bill, but also improved the work conditions in our building.  Several of our employees suffered headaches from time to time. Since the lighting upgrade these employees have told us that the new lighting has helped them.  The Excel rebates, the energy savings and the healthy lighting made this an easy decision on our part plus we're helping the environment. 

Thank you One Source Lighting.