Small Companies Can Get Big Bucks for Energy Projects

The Greenback$ program, an effort of local chambers, governments and utilities to assist small businesses in curbing energy overhead costs, has announced a new incentive for area businesses.  Companies throughout the Grand Valley can potentially receive a rebate of up to $1,000 for projects of $2,000 or more that curtail energy usage

            Companies will have to have completed an energy audit (which may also be cost free to them) and have identifiable energy saving projects completed.  Such projects can include installation of more energy efficient lighting and windows, door replacements, installation of solar panels, etc.  Funding is limited to the first 28 companies who apply and are approved for the improvements.  The funding is available as a result of a grant from the Governor’s Energy Office to Mesa County.

            “We spent less than $4,000 last year on lighting upgrades and motion sensors in our building,” noted Diane Schwenke, CEO of the Grand Junction Area Chamber.  “Within eighteen months we will have recovered that initial investment and will continue to save on our Xcel bill.”  That payoff may come even sooner as Schwenke observed, “Last month’s bill was $500 less than the bill we had for the same month in 2010.  That makes a real difference in our operations.”

            For more information on the Greenback$ program small businesses are urged to visit the Greenback$ website, or call the Chamber, 970.242.3214.

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