Who can participate?

Any business with a location in Mesa County, Colorado can participate.


Does it cost to be part of the program?

There is no cost to be part of the program.  However, some of the practices recommended will have a cost associated with them.


Where can I learn about rebates for businesses?

There are several web-based resources to assist you shown under the resources tab on the website and we urge you to go to that section of the website for a full list.  Some of the more extensive resources include xcelenergy.com, energy.gov and rechargecolorado.com.


How can I determine the cost-benefits of certain improvements?

A professional energy audit will provide you with the “payback” information on how long it will take for your energy savings to “pay” for an improvement.  You can also do this yourself by visiting various websites listed in the resource section.


Why should I get involved in this program?

Every business has fixed costs that do not contribute directly to generating revenue.  Energy is one of the largest of these costs, so any efforts to reduce usage will result in cost savings that can be redirected to more profit-generating activities.  In addition, there is an overall benefit to the community in less waste, better environmental quality and greater stewardship of our natural resources.