What is the

GreenBack$ Program?


Simply put, the GreenBack$ Program is designed to encourage Mesa County businesses to make decisions that save them money and resources, but also benefit customers, employees and the community as a whole.

The program consists of three easy-to-follow  "GreenBack$" checklists that guide you through efforts to be more energy efficient, including a listing of resources to assist you with the steps.  In addition, the program will offer seminars, trade shows and other resource venues for interested business owners to assist them with their individual efforts.

The Green Back$ Program is a collaboration of  the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, the Palisade Chamber and the Fruita Chamber to promote sustainability among our businesses.

In addition to promoting GreenBack$ Initiatives, we recognize and honor outstanding business members who have committed to implementing sustainable business practices; we share their achievements with you.

Together, we believe we can lower our city’s emissions and make The Grand Valley an example for the country to follow.

Join the GreenBack$ Program today and begin charting your business progress toward a greener Grand Valley future.


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